CBRN P3 Gas Mask With Filter



CBRN P3 Gas Mask Survival Nuclear and Chemical, Gas Mask 40mm- Adjustable- Filter Included


About the mask: The G2T Full Face Respirator Gas Mask is ideal for compact, lightweight storage and heavy-duty protection against environmental hazards. Designed to withstand brute force impacts and toxic environments, the G2T mask and 40mm filter set will provide you the safety and security you need to navigate unpredictable, dangerous conditions.


The mask’s sturdy construction starts with its heavy-duty face shied, made from strong silicate glass. This full-face respirator utilizes dual-convex face shield designs vs. flat designs for enhanced user field of view and comfort. This design also enables a wider field of view, augmenting the user’s visibility and spatial awareness, which are crucial during dangerous situations. The lens has undergone rigorous ASTM testing and achieved certification under ANSI Z87.1 standards.


The mask’s superior breathability originates from the dual intake valves, which support increased cardiovascular effort instead of inhibiting breathing. The intelligent ventilation structure creates cooling airflow, helping the user stay collected and focused during high-intensity situations.


About the Filter: this P1 CBRN Filter will protect you from the worst, a Nuclear, Biological, and/or chemical attack. Equipped with the mask is the Defense P1 filter canister, a high-performance filter that effectively removes a wide range of harmful gases, vapors, and particles from the air you breathe. This filter provides reliable protection, making the mask an essential gear for law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency responders, and anyone who requires top-notch respiratory defense.


The Tactical Gas Mask is equipped with left and right 40mm NATO ports, adding versatility and compatibility to its already impressive features. These ports allow for easy attachment and integration of various accessories, such as additional filters or communication devices, enhancing the functionality of the gas mask to meet specific operational requirements.




Field of View: 200-degree panoramic field of view

Port: One 40mm NATO Center Port

Anti-Fog: Suitable for hot and cold weather environments

Head Harness: 5-point attachment adjustable silicon head harness

High-quality voice box diaphragm for easy communication

Impact-resistant ANSI Z87.1 certified lens

Not suitable for use with traditional glasses. Full-Face Masks can be worn with a Spectacle Kit, which can be seen by clicking here.

Fit Test Compatible with TSI Fit Test Adapter 8025-CEN


Conclusion: this is the mask you want to protect you and your loved ones from a foreign or domestic attack


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